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Under the Hill Farm
Equine Therapies

Equine Psychology
     We want to help our equine partners be the best partners they can, but sometimes, it seems like they get in their own way doesn't it.  Maybe it's not your fault.  Maybe your horse needs a little help to overcome something that happened in the past.  Or maybe your horse just can't seem to pay attention or seems like he's just not all there. 
     Equine Psychology could answer these questions and be the extra help you need.  Horses are subject to all the stress, depression, exciteability, and emotions that we are.  But just like people, sometimes they don't deal well with it.  Under the Hill Farm can offer hope.  We have the ability to serve these needs both in house and at your facility.
     If you have questions, click on the link below and let us know.  We can help your horse to be a better partner.

Equine Nutrition
     Poor nutrition can lead to poor health.  We all know this.  But did you know that it can also lead to poor performance and poor behavior?  Is your horse "too hot to handle"?  Or maybe he doesn't have enough get up and go.  All of this and more can be affected by what you feed your horse. 
     Just like people, horses need special nutrition to do special things.  With the right combinations, you can ease a nervous horse, give energy to a pokey horse, and feed up mares and stallions to produce big healthy foals. 
     We can help you design a feeding program around your locally available feeds that will be the optimum for each individual horse you submit for.  Want to know more, click on the link below.

Equine Massage
     Do you remember your last massage?  Sure you do.  And you remember how good you felt afterwards too.  Want your horse to feel that ready to go out and take on the world?  Equine Massage therapy can help. 
     Through theraputic massage, you can ease sore muscles, help your horse recover from illness or injury, make an older horse more comfortable.  And it is proven that horses that are regularly treated with theraputic massage perform better and more consistantly.
     Massage therapy helps take away the stresses of the day and relaxes your horse.  A regular program of massage can release built up tensions that make your horse stiff.  And if you remember back to those lovely massages you have had, a good massage seems to help take aways your cares and troubles. 
     So, consider getting your horse a massage treatment, we at Under the Hill Farm are certain he will thank you for it.  Click on the link below to find out about Equine Massage at your barn today.