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About your Trainer

     Juli Bishop has over 40 years of Equine Experience.  This lifetime of riding has gifted her with unusual insight as to how a horse thinks, and moves.  Add to this many years of study with some of the top Dressage riders in the world.  And finally add in a dedicated course of study equal to and in some cases beyond that of a veterinarian.  This powerful mix has produced a horsewoman of uncanny ability and insight. 
     Juli has shown successfully in such varied areas as Cutting, Reining, Dressage, Driving, Five Gaited American Saddlebreds, Western Pleasure, Speed Events, Three Day Eventing, and more.  She has driven to the win in Combined Driving and jumped her way to the blue in Hunt Seat Equitation.  She crossed the water to first place in Trail and roped a championship in Heading and Heeling. 
     Juli has the style, ability, and background to turn out your horse as a willing and happy partner in all your show endeavors.  She applies Psychology, Nutrition, and Massage therapies to all of her Equine clients to help your horse perform at his or her best. 
     As an instructor, Juli teaches in a way that makes it easy for the student to understand not just what to do but why to do it.  She firmly believes that riders should understand why they do things a certain ways.  She is always ready to share her vast knowledge with her clients because she truly belives in the motto of Under the Hill Farm: